Pumgo Skateboard Frequently Asked Questions

Pumgo, push free skateboard

Q: How do you ride the PUMGO?

A: It’s quite easy and most people learn in about 5 minutes. Kids learn almost instantly. Here’s how to ride:

1. Find a flat and smooth place to ride that is free of traffic or other hazards.
2. Put your front foot on the front part of the board above the front wheels. The arrow on the deck points toward the front.
3. Put your back foot on the board over the back wheels. Use or wall or a friend to steady yourself at first.
4. Push down on the front of the board to get it rolling
5. Once you are moving push the board up and down (like a see-saw) to build up speed.
6. The faster you pump the faster it goes

Q: How do I turn the PUMGO?

A: There are two ways to turn the PUMGO:

1. Heel & Toe Steering: to turn toward your heel side, put more weight on you heels. To turn toward your toe side, put more weight on you toes.
2. Kick turns: This is a more advanced way of turning the board and requires you to remove the brake. To kick turn, lift your front foot until the front wheels come off the ground. Keeping your front foot on the board, swing your front leg in the direction you want to turn the board.

Q: How long will it take to learn

A: Most kids learn in about 5 minutes and adults take a little longer depending on you ability

Q: Do I need to know how to ride a regular skateboard?

A: Not at all! PUMGOs are easier to ride because they only go one direction, forward. Experience riding scooters or any other board sport is helpful but it is not necessary. In fact, many small children have found that the PUMGO is a great introduction to board sports

Q: How does the PUMGO work?

A: The PUMGO uses an ingenious 4WD and four wheel steering system to propel the rider without the need to push off the ground. As you push each end of the board down, the toothed metal shaft underneath spins gears inside the gearbox which in turn spins the wheels.

Each wheel is equipped with a one-way clutch to allow the right amount of power to get to each wheel and to allow the wheels to spin freely while coasting and turning.

Q: Will the PUMGO roll if I stop pumping it?

A: Yes. Each wheel has a free wheel mechanism that allows the board to keep rolling even if you’re not pumping.

Q: Can I adjust anything on it?

A: Yes. You can adjust the steering depending on what type of riding you like to do and how heavy you are. You can adjust the steering to make very sharp turns or wide sweeping turns. See the owner’s manual for adjustment instructions.

Q: How do I stop?

A: There are two ways to stop the PUMGO, the first is to use the brake. Un-weight your front leg so that the front wheels come off the ground and the brake pad on the rear end makes contact with the ground and slows you down. The other way to stop is to step off the board

Q: Where can I ride the PUMGO?

A: The PUMGO is ideal for cruising large flat areas. The smoother the surface, the faster you’ll be able to go. Many advanced riders enjoy riding at skateparks.

Q: Can I do tricks on the PUMGO?

A: Many tricks are possible including Powerslides, Manuals, Supremes, Jumps, and others. Just like any other sport, the more time you spend riding, the more tricks will be possible for you. If you figure out a new trick, let us know at info@pumgo.com

Q: Is it dangerous?

A: The PUMGO is no more dangerous than any other active outdoor sport such as skating, scooter riding or biking. Be sure to always wear protective gear such as a helmet, knee pads and wrist guards. Above all USE COMMON SENSE when riding.

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