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Pumgo Scooter A Hit at New York Toy Fair 2009

Atlanta, GA - February 4, 2009 - The Pumgo Scooter is a new human-powered vehicle. It is one of the most popular new products at the 2009 New York International Toy Fair. Land Surf Inc. is an Atlanta-based sporting goods/Toy company that owns PUMGO intellectual properties.

The Pumgo Scooter has two reciprocal stair-master like pedals that drive the scooter forward. After five years in development, the Pumgo Scooter is the most innovative scooter ever to hit the market.

Dr. Batchelor, an Atlanta sports medicine doctor that specializes in the treatment of athletic injury, recently evaluated the Pumgo Scooter.. Dr. Batchelor has the distinction of running over 60,000 miles and has treated over 100,000 patients including many Olympic athletes from all over the world. He has been the winner of many 5k-and-up road races, with his best record setting times: Half Marathon PR 1:13 and Marathon PR 2:39. He is also a monthly columnist on Sports Medicine for several fitness magazines and has spoken to dozens of clubs and lectured to many medical colleges on the topic.

Dr. Batchelor was impressed by the Pumgo Scooter's ability to work the body's core. He stated: "Riding the Pumgo simulates the feeling of being on a stair climber, skateboard, surfboard, and bicycle all at the same time. Bowling, golf, push scooter riding, and skateboarding are all exercises that only work out one side of the body, leading to lower back pain and muscle imbalance. The Pumgo Scooter, however, is a symmetrical exercise designed to strengthen both sides of the body. It also offers less weight-bearing impact than other exercises like running, which can be hard on joints. It's a great cardiovascular workout, with a faster more condensed workout time than running or biking. Pedaling on the Pumgo Scooter offers an efficient exercise with an up-down motion. The Pumgo Scooter offers much more enjoyment than the stationary stair-climber or kick scooter. While your time on an indoor stair stepping machine brings little enjoyment, your time outside, in the fresh air, on the Pumgo Scooter will bring loads of enjoyment and a great workout."

The Pumgo Scooter offers an enjoyable ride with all the benefits of a healthy exercise. Whether you are looking for fun, recreation, a sporting toy, transportation, or a fitness instrument, the Pumgo Scooter provides it all. For those kids too lazy to exercise, Pumgo Scooter will be the real "fit for fun" thing for them. It's an excellent sporting toy to fight kid obesity. It's easy to use, lightweight, and can be folded for carrying around or placing in your car trunk.. Current model M-101 is for kids 8 years up and adults. For more information, please visit www.pumgo.com.

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