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"It works like a charm!"

From NBC, San Francisco
"Now THAT, I can do!"

~Kathie Lee Gifford
From the Today Show
"These are really cool....sexy excercise scooters...."

From CBS News, Atlanta
"It uses stair-stepper technology to work out your legs, glutes and thighs."

From FOX News, Dallas
“This works very well……it’s very stable.”

From Daytime, Tampa
2009 Las Vegas Interbike Show
Booth #6225
(September 23-25, 2009)
New Pedal-Powered Scooter
Makes Waves Across America; PUMGO SCOOTER provides
Fun and Fitness for Kids and

Pumgo Scooter Rocks NY Toy Fair

Coolest Gadgets
Chip Chick
Best of New York Toy Fair
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Washington Post - Pumgo Skateboard
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