How to Ride the Pumgo Scooter

Riding the Pumgo Scooter is safe and easy. Anyone can learn within minutes. Simply follow the instructions below and/or watch our instructional video and you’ll be Pumgo-ing in no time. Enjoy the ride!

Pumgo Instructional Video (2 min.)
Dr. Dan Batchelor's Recommendations

1. Place one foot on one of the pedals and push forward with your other foot to start.
2. Push down each pedal in turn, transferring your entire body weight from foot to foot. You’ll get used to the up-down motion quickly. With each pump, the scooter will move forward.
3. Gently squeeze the hand brake, lower your body and lean backwards to slow down or stop. When turning, lower your body and lean into the turn, similar to a bicycle.
4. Place one foot on the deck for a comfortable “cruise.”
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