About the Pumgo Skateboard

Check out the PUMGO Skateboard on CBS News (video).

Pumgo, push free skateboard
( Pumgo with leash )

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Jump on the world's first land surfer and never skate the same way again.

1. Looks like a skateboard, but is gear-driven like a car – without batteries or a motor.

2. Rider shifts weight from the front of the board to the rear and then from rear to front, repeat this simple back-and-forth pumping action generating the deck’s seesaw movement to propel the board forward.

3. Patented 4WD and unique all-wheel steering system give you total control.

4. USA and UK safety- and quality-approved for safe, sure riding.

5. One way clutch drive and free wheel mechanism attached to underside of deck gives forward-only motion to the wheels.

6. Solid construction built like a jeep.

7. Semifinalist, "2004 Product of the Year," Sporting Goods Manufacturer's Association.

8. No assembly required – hop on and have fun.

9. One year satisfactory guarantee.

Kids who try it just can’t seem to get enough!

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About the Pumgo Skateboard
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