The Pumgo is the world's first pedal-powered scooter which combines the excitement of free-riding with a full-body cardio workout. Perfect for kids and adults, the Pumgo Scooter is stable, safe and easy to ride.
The Pumgo Scooter is a new way to exercise that combines the benefits of bicycle and stair-climber workouts. Pumgo riding is an efficient, low-impact cardiovascular activity that burns the equivalent calories as cycling, rowing and power walking in an enjoyable riding experience. The reciprocal recovery pedals and dual drive-train system establish the Pumgo Scooter as a true innovation in human powered vehicles.
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After sitting all day in the office or at school, step out on the Pumgo  Scooter to stretch and strengthen back and core muscles.  Instead of leaning forward as on a bicycle, stand up straight and relieve the pressure on your back while achieving an efficient workout.  Relive your youth and have fun outdoors.  A cool gadget for the whole family!

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